Try Something

I felt the need to start this blog up again. Why? I’m writing things down to remember now, and I’m writing things down to remember later. I’m writing things down because I enjoy writing. I like seeing my thoughts on a page or a screen. Also because I forget things, often just a few minutes after thinking of them. And more often than not I wish I had written those thoughts down at that moment. Too often thoughts come into my head and leave just as quickly, never to be remembered again. Lately I’m getting better at capturing those thoughts, but I need a place to store them long term that I can easily look back on. That’s what this is. was the first domain name I ever bought, back in 2003. I originally bought it with the idea of making a satirical website like The Onion. That idea never got off the ground. Since then it has been a site about Minneapolis (my home town), a photoblog, a regular blog, a photo portfolio, a blog again, a web design portfolio, a blog yet again, a site with my web development projects, then nothing. It has been nothing since 2012, and yet I refuse to give up the domain name. I’m just too tied to it to ever let it go. The site has really been a long string of discarded projects or things that couldn’t hold my interest long enough to last.

During that time that this site has laid in waste, I’ve run my photoblog, PhotoEntropy with a photo every day since May 3, 2005. And I ran Chicago Past with 2 photos a day for about 2 years. I can keep some projects going. Writing is harder though.

I’ve tried to maintain a blog in the past but it’s never worked out well. Sometimes it lacked direction, sometimes I would start writing ambitious posts and then never finish them. Or I would go too long without posting and then either forget or feel so bad about not posting that I just take the website down. I’m determined to change this. Every night after my daughter goes down to bed I sit down and write 500-1000 words about my day. No matter where I am or how tired, I force myself to do this daily and I’ve been successful for the past 18 months. This daily task makes running a blog feel much more manageable. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to write daily blog posts. The posts will likely come monthly, sometimes more often, sometimes less often. They’ll also likely be longer posts.

If I’m going to write something here it’s going to be meaningful to me and hopefully to you. I have a great number of interests that I’m passionate about and anything that ends up here will hopefully show that. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. I’m just here to write down and share my thoughts before I forget them again.